Polarisierte film




The film is an active film that consists of two PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheets. These sheets are coated with an electric conductive substance on one side, which ensures a constant and super-fast conduction of electricity. A core is placed between the sheets and this consists of a sponge-like structure that is filled with liquid crystals. The core is made from a polymer network which incorporates the liquid crystals.

The liquid crystals have a random direction when the film is not activated, however, when current is applied the crystals align in the blink of an eye. The film then changes from opaque to transparent. The electricity that is required to achieve this is 50V ACV and therefore falls within the safety standard. It can be used in a wet room, for example on shower doors and walls.


As standard, the anode and the cathode are located in the centre bottom of the film. On request, you can have this connection positioned on the side.


By using high-quality films and a polymer core it is possible to manufacture the Nanotec film wafer thin. Our range consists of a film with a thickness of 0.12 mm in both white and black. This film is for applying onto the object, and is suitable for retro-fitting.

The Nanotec film is very flexible because we use a polymer network. Consequently, we can supply the file on a roll of maximum 1 metre x 50 metres. You are not therefore restricted to a fixed size for the sheet you require. The required shape is also not a problem – you can cut a hole in the film without it losing its functionality.


We stock two colours of film: white and black. The white film ensures that the light is beautifully diffused when it penetrat the light evenly in the room. The black film contains black pigment in the liquid crystals. This film is ideal for projection and creates a superb dark tinted effect.

White film specifications

Colour: White

Film thickness: approx. 0.12mm

Max. size: 1000mm x 5000mm

Light penetration: 85% or more (ON)

Direct light: 3% or less (OFF)

Direct light: 80% or more (ON)

Indirect light: 95% or more (OFF)

Indirect light: 6% or less (ON)

Power consumption: 2.5 W/m²

Response time: approx. 1/30m sec milk white → transparent (ON)

approx. 1/52m sec transparent → mil wit (OFF)

Power supply: 50V – 100V AC (50/60Hz)

The Nanotec film is Tüv approved to EN 12898. The EN 410 report is available for inspection on request.